Ancestor Money

$4.44 - $16.16
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Your ancestor money can be printed and shipped quickly by letting me know upfront if you do or do not want it personalized. If you don't say anything I will wait 48 hours before I print and ship to give you time to contact me. If I don't receive any communication from you after the 48 hours I will send out notes with $8,888,888,888 and no names.
***Thank You ***

I have always known I had the guidance and protection of my ancestors and elders. I was trying to find a way to thank them. A good friend of mine suggested that I get an burn some ancestor money. When I was searching I never found gods or goddesses that looked like myself and my ancestors so I created my own. Some friends and family who have seen them have asked me to print some for them. So I figured why not offer them in my shop. On the money are a places for names. I use the last names of my parents, my mothers and my grandmothers maiden name. Make sure to include those names so the bills are uniquely yours. Limit 5 last names per set.

Let me know what amount you want on your bill for example the number on the bills in the picture shows $5,000,000,000 but it can be $3,333,333,333 or $8,888,888,888, $3,178,178,178 look up angelic or sacred numbers or just select a number that resonates with you. One number per set ordered.