Bath pillow with suction cups

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Pillow type:
Pillow case only


Washable bath pillow with suction cups.
This pillow can also be used in your car.

You no longer need to worry about a bath pillow that losses air, or the cold feel of vinyl.
This pillow has a super soft exterior (and anti-Fleece) and is filled with a bath towel or poly bead filled insert. One side is sealed with hook and loop fixture so you can remove the interior and wash the pillowcase.

***Poly beads create a firmer pillow and don't retain as much moister as a towel if the pillow gets wet. So this pillow will dry faster. The pillow will also float with the poly bead pillow.

Run a hot bath, put on some music, light some candles and enjoy some me time with this bath pillow that will assist in your relaxation.

If you see a color in the pictures that is not available for purchase just contact me and I will see what I can do

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No longer offering towel inserts it cost to much to ship, but you can still purchase the pillow case without the poly bead pillow and add your own towel

Please check this listing under Mercari app you can save on shipping for the towel full pillow. Since it is over 1lb the shipping is much higher

I am not responsible for damage that occurs via the postal service if you would like to add insurance to your order you can add it as an option. If your item does reach you damaged please contact me immediately. Make sure to take pictures of the package and damaged item. Keep all these items you may need to take them to the post office to complete a claim. Once the claim has been processed I will either refund the damaged item cost, or send you a replacement, your choice.

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